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Anna Lann is a conceptual interdisciplinary audio-visual artist, composer, musical producer, and DJ, who works in a variety of mediums, from visual arts and sound-design to film, performance and installation art.

In her practice, she explores philosophical and scientific notions, using surreal situations to examine the boundaries between reality and fantasy, constantly pushing the limits between an art object and a subject.


With four EP releases in the UK and LA-based labels, Anna has established her solo project followed by recent performances at Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art, Design Museum Holon, Soho House, Almacen Gallery, Kandinoff Gallery, Synthposium Festival Moscow, just to name a few. When she is not performing live shows and DJ sets, her time is spent designing and producing sound contemporary dance pieces,  commercials, and motion pictures, as well as co-composing for the ‘Castle in Time’ Orchestra.


Anna is also the founder of the conceptual multidisciplinary art hub 'Penthouss' alongside partner Jonathan Leopold Trichter, within which they are molding together different artistic mediums and disciplines and generating new art systems.


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